Bobs & LoLo - Nature Rocks!

Sunday, February 17, 2013
12:00 PM (Doors Open),1:00 PM (Concert Starts)
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Join Bobs & LoLo at the Aeolian Hall for Nature Rocks! - a special concert for their fans in London!

2010 & 2012 JUNO Award nominees, Robyn Hardy (Bobs) and Lorraine Pond (LoLo) grew up near Nanaimo, BC and when they first met at a summer camp as kids, they knew right away that they had lots in common - they both loved the outdoors and they both loved to sing!

Now familiar faces as the dynamic, singing duo regularly featured on Treehouse TV, Bobs & LoLo deliver action packed, musical adventures both on and off-screen.

Bobs & LoLo are dedicated to connecting children to the natural world with music, movement and make-believe. Sharing musical stories that engage, inspire and educate, they teach kids to care about the world around them.

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