El Sistema Aeolian

Wednesday, June 20, 2012
5:30 PM (Doors Open), 6:00 PM (Concert Starts)
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El Sistema Aeolian

El Sistema is a program designed to offer free music training for youth with a focus on classical orchestral music. This opportunity is targeting participants who might not normally have opportunities to study music in a private setting and participate in an orchestra. The philosophical goals of the program are to help youth learn to play great music, build team-work skills, pursue excellence, and engage in unique self-actuated learning styles. The first opportunities for participants in this program will be youth from the Old East Village Community and in particular Lorne Ave. Public School. El Sistema has a thirty-five year history of success in the world and is spreading. Aeolian’s launch is the 4th in Canada and is supported by a gifted group of musicians, educators, students, interested community members and the Staff/Directors of the Aeolian.


The Aeolian Community Gamelan will be playing on Gamelan Suprabaningrum (Perfumed Essence of Beauty Stateliness) brought over from Java, Indonesia. The instruments are hand-made and sit on ornately carved teak stands. Gongs of various shapes and sizes mark the cyclical melodic movement. The making, tuning and the playing of gamelan takes many hands, minds and hearts. It is rooted in communal activity. Gamelan musicians perform always in an ensemble and no one instrumental part predominates. 

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