El Sistema Aeolian: Premier Gala Concert

Wednesday, December 14, 2011
6:30 PM (Doors Open), 7:00 PM (Show Starts)
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Admission by donation

El Sistema Aeolian’s Premier Gala Concert

Tickets by donation.  Please call or email the Aeolian to reserve your ticket:.


info [at] aeolianhall [dot] ca

After only six weeks of intensive training, El Sistema Aeolian participants will be giving their first concert.  

 Special guests include:

George Laidlaw, saxophone

John Krisak, cello

Bryan Gloyd, piano

Marion Miller, piano

Clark Bryan, piano


El Sistema is considered to be one of the most important social programs for children and youth in the world today.  El Sistema Aeolian is an intensive, free, after school orchestral program offered to youth and children who would not normally have this opportunity.  El Sistema began 35 years ago in Venezuela and is now in 25 countries (USA, Australia, Scotland, Mexico, Brazil and England to name a few).  This third Canadian launch is the first in London Ontario.  This initiative has garnered many awards worldwide including UNESCO and TED.

With this initiative, The Aeolian continues to provide opportunities which use art, culture and education as catalysts for social change.

This initial launch features 20 children from Lorne Ave. Public School from grades 5 and 6 (10-12 year old children).  We have started with violin, cello and viola and will be expanding the program to engage all orchestral instruments in the near future.  Please join us in support of the accomplishments of these young people. 

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