The National Parks Project

Friday, September 23, 2011
7:00 PM (Doors Open), 7:30 PM (Show Starts)
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The Aeolian Presents, with support from Novack's, the 2011 Gemini award winner, The National Parks Project, is a collection of 13 short films that showcase the beauty and diversity of Canada’s national parks, as seen through the eyes of some of the country’s best filmmakers.
Each film represents a national park in one of Canada’s 13 provinces and territories. The soundtracks for the films were written and recorded in the featured parks, by a group of three musicians collaborating with the filmmaker on a unified audio-visual expression. Artists were asked to respond to the wilderness surrounding them, but were otherwise given complete creative control in making their films and music. As such, each film is different, a personal reflection of the artists’ unique experience in the parks.
However, throughout the collection, certain themes emerge: the inherent threat of the wilderness, the way landscape reflects and refracts cultural and personal memory, the ongoing changes in our concept of time, and the dreamlike quality of unfamiliar places.
Viewed together, the films play off each other to form a unified look at the amazing variety in Canada’s landscape, and the ways in which nature and artistic expression are entwined in our cultural history. 
Creators and Producers of the National Parks Project Geoff Morrison and Ryan Noth confirmed to introduce the film at The Aeolian, and will follow film with Q&A
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